Baltic Flax’s promise is to provide and support our customers with high-quality flax fibers and fabrics from Western and Eastern Europe. Therefore, we offer additional services upon request: cottonization, cutting, cleaning.

Short fibersLong fibresCottonized fibresOther flax fibres
From No. 2 to Nr6From Nm 8 to Nm 40From 20 to 70 mmScutched, hackled, tow
Cleaned, cutDifferent coloursDifferent typesCut, cleaned

Short flax fiber

Short flax fibers are especially relevant in the production of dry spun yarn (small counts), paper, insulation, and the automobile industry. Therefore we provide different qualities of impurities. As a result, our customers can always find the solution that suits them the best.

NRBreaking loadContent of impurities %


Long flax fiber

Flax fiber finds its origin in Western & Eastern Europe; therefore, it’s perfect for the production of high-quality yarns.

As a result, we produce yarns using our finest long lax fibers, starting from No.7 up to No.40.


Cottonized flax

Hence it‘s versatility and strength, cottonized flax fiber is most noteworthy used in textile, non – woven, automovile and building industry.

Our solutions for you:

Average Length mm403628-
Content of impurities %8520.9
Linear density1.
Moisture max %12121212
Production of other qualities on request.