Off-white linen

Ready to be softened, washed, dyed, digitally printed or treated otherwise.
PFD prepared for dyeing
We supply 100% linen fabrics:

  • weight from 85 to 280 g/m2;
  • width 150 cm.

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BF3485150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF2125150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF4135150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF5150150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF43175150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF8185150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF9215150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF51245150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF55245180100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF12265150100% LinenOFF-WHITE

Natural linen

(Orkney linen)
Ready to be softened or washed.

This type of linen remains the user-friendliest linen because it is not chemically treated (not bleached or dyed).

We supply 100% natural and semi-natural fabrics:

  • weight 120 to 425 g/m2.;
  • width – 150 cm.

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BF36120150100% LinenNatural
BF27125150100% LinenNatural
BF28150150100% LinenNatural
BF31185150100% LinenNatural
BF32215150100% LinenNatural
BF10240150100% LinenNatural
BF59280150100% LinenNatural
BF34/290150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF3130180100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF29150150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF7185150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF33215150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF52240150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF57245150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF13280150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF45225150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF1-14345150100% LinenNatural
BF1-11425150100% LinenNatural

Dyed linen

Choose from our standard colors that are always in stock or order your own custom color.

Digital printing

Minimum quantity for printing on linen is 1 roll.

Available raw fabric treatment to make it soft

  • Mechanical softening – makes certain surface modifications, therefore cannot be dyed or digitally printed afterwards.
  • Stone washing – applicable for small quantities of up to 10 m only.


We will finish your fabric only at OEKO-TEX® and Masters of Linen® certified facilities.

Good to know

  • Linen up to 185 g/m2 is perfect for clothes: shirts, dresses, kids wear and other.
  • The best linen for home textile, such as table, kitchen and bathroom is 220 g/m2.
  • For bedding 150 g/m2 & 260 cm width linen is the best. We do not sell this fabric but we are using it for our bedding production. Happy to offer our service!
  • For upper clothes & bags the best is heavy linen starting with 280 g/m2 and up to 400 g/m2.