Since the early ‘90s, we have supplied linen fabrics to the leading clothing and home textiles manufacturers & brands, as well as fabric wholesalers, retailers, and hobby/crafts customers. Our linen fabrics are suitable for making various items such as kitchen textiles, table clothing, curtains, apparel, linen accessories, crafts, upholstery, and many more. Keep in mind that by choosing linen fabrics from Baltic Flax you are choosing the fabrics made from European flax and finished to the highest standards in Lithuania.

Off-white linen

Off-White linen fabric is ready to be dyed, printed on, softened, washed, treated otherwise, or used as it is. It is often called PFD (prepared for dyeing). Usually, it is semi-bleached and has a creamy, sometimes yellowish shade.

We supply 100% linen fabrics:

  • weight from 85 to 280 g/m2;
  • width 150 cm.

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BF3485150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF2125150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF4135150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF5150150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF43175150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF8185150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF9215150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF51245150100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF55245180100% LinenOFF-WHITE
BF12265150100% LinenOFF-WHITE

Natural and semi-natural linen

(Orkney linen)
The natural shade of linen fabric, sometimes called Orney, is a greyish, natural tone. Not treated with any bleach or chemical products, it can be softened or printed on. The shade of natural color may vary from batch to batch. It usually depends on how and where flax was growing. If flax when growing gets a lot of sunny days, it will be lighter in color. And if flax is grown in northern areas and gets less sun and more rain, it will have a darker tone.

Semi-natural or oatmeal linen fabric is a mix of two yarns – natural yarn in the weft and white yarn in the warp. Can be softened or printed on.

We supply 100% natural and semi-natural fabrics:

  • weight 120 to 425 g/m2.;
  • width – 150 cm.

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BF36120150100% LinenNatural
BF27125150100% LinenNatural
BF28150150100% LinenNatural
BF31185150100% LinenNatural
BF32215150100% LinenNatural
BF10240150100% LinenNatural
BF59280150100% LinenNatural
BF34/290150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF3130180100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF29150150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF7185150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF33215150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF52240150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF57245150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF13280150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF45225150100% LinenSemi-Natural
BF1-14345150100% LinenNatural
BF1-11425150100% LinenNatural

For your convenience, we offer linen fabric sample books for White and Natural linen fabrics. These swatch books contain all available fabrics and stockable colors that we offer. We recommend purchasing fabric sample books before making big orders so that you could see how our linen fabrics feel and look.

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Linen fabrics from stock

We keep most of our standard off-white and natural linen fabrics in stock together with a collection of basic colors. We have no minimum quantity for fabrics from stock, you can buy from 1 meter on our online shop, however, if you would buy at least one roll, you would receive a special wholesale price. Please note that when ordering online, the biggest available quantity of stonewashed fabric in one color is 10 meters.

Dyed linen fabrics

Collection of basic colors is available from our stock, you can see the colors here or order our sample book.
Custom colors are available as well.
The minimum order for custom color is 200 m (if ordering 5 different colors) or 400 m if ordering only 1 color.

Digital printing on linen

Digital printing on linen is the best option to create remarkable designs in small quantities and of extraordinary quality. Choose from our available printed fabrics on the website or print your own design. 

The minimum order for digital printing on linen is 100 meters. For print design testing, we offer 1-meter print samples.

Linen fabric softening

There are several fabric softening options available:

  • Mechanical softening – similar to stone washing, it leaves a soft, textured touch and fabric looks the same as stonewashed. This process is recommended for larger amounts of fabric. The minimum quantity is 200 m.
    Silk softening – a special treatment that makes linen fabric a little shiny, glossy, and smooth. The minimum quantity is 400 m.
  • Stonewashing – leaves fabric fluffy and soft. It is used for small batches and done in special washing machines, therefore is more expensive, compared to the usual fabric softening. The maximum quantity is 10 m.

Sustainability of linen fabrics

85% of flax suitable for weaving is grown in Europe and treated according to all European Union sustainability regulations. No additional water is required to grow flax there (unlike cotton), no harmful pesticides are used. 

All our linen fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified.

You can read more about linen fabric sustainability in our article on linen sustainability.