Dyed Linen Fabrics Sample Book


Collection of dyed linen fabrics from 125 to 245 g/m2 suitable for clothing, bedding, and home textiles. Dyed linen fabric swatch book includes 33 linen fabric samples in different weights and colors, raw and stonewashed fabrics.


BF9 Dark Grey Washed (215 g/m2)
BF5 Light Grey Washed (150 g/m2)
BF191 Dark Grey Washed (150 g/m2)
BF8 Black Washed (185 g/m2)
BF-S9 Thin Black Stripes Washed (215 g/m2)
BF9 Dark Grey (215 g/m2)
BF9 Light Grey (215 g/m2)
BF9 Ashes of Roses (215 g/m2)
BF9 Pink Lavender (215 g/m2)
BF9 Navy (215 g/m2)
BF9 Blue (215 g/m2)
BF9 Black (215 g/m2)
BF9 Mustard (215 g/m2)
BF9 Moss Green (215 g/m2)
BF9 Agate Grey (215 g/m2)
BF2 Sage (125 g/m2)
BF5 Light Grey (150 g/m2)
BF5 Heavenly Pink (150 g/m2)
BF191 Light Grey (150 g/m2)
BF191 Dark Grey (150 g/m2)
BF191 Navy (150 g/m2)
BF191 Mauve (150 g/m2)
BF8 Black (185 g/m2)
BF-S9 Thin Black Stripes (185 g/m2)
BF-S31 Wide Black Stripes (175 g/m2)
BF-S18 Natural Stripes (175 g/m2)

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