Natural Linen Fabrics Sample Book


Selection of Natural Color and Ecru linen fabrics from 120 to 425 g/m2. Linen fabrics swatch book includes 17 natural linen samples in different weights and some with stone washed finishing. This linen fabrics swatch book includes:
BF34/2 (90 g/m2)
BF29 (150 g/m2)
BF29 Stone Washed (150 g/m2)
BF7 (185 g/m2)
BF57 (245 g/m2)
BF28 (150 g/m2)
BF31 (185 g/m2)
BF31 Stone Washed (185 g/m2)
BF32 (215 g/m2)
BF10 (245 g/m2)
BF10 Stone Washed (245 g/m2)
BF59 (280 g/m2)
BF1-14 (345 g/m2)
BF1-11 (425 g/m2)
BF1-11 Stone Washed (425 g/m2)

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