White Linen Fabrics Sample Book


Selection of white (off-white) linen fabrics from 85 to 405 g/m2. Linen fabrics swatch book includes 16 white linen fabrics in different weight and most popular fabrics with stone washed finish. This fabrics are PFD (prepared for dyeing), you can print on them, dye them or use as white. This linen fabric sample book include following fabrics:

BF34 (85 g/m2)
BF36 (125 g/m2)
BF2 (125 g/m2)
BF2 Stone Washed (125 g/m2)
BF4 (135 g/m2)
BF5 (150 g/m2)
BF5 Stone Washed (150 g/m2)
BF43 (175 g/m2)
BF8 (185 g/m2)
BF9 (215 g/m2)
BF51 (245 g/m2)
BF55 (245 g/m2)
BF55 Stone Washed (245 g/m2)
BF12 (265 g/m2)
BF1-5 (405 g/m2)

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