Linen yarn made of carefully selected European flax fibers and produced on certificated mills: dry spun yarn from No 0.9 to No 6 and wet spun yarn from No 7 to No 42.

Dry spun linen yarn

Dry spun yarn is usually used in production of twines, food, agriculture and other industries. We offer you:

  • Dry spun yarn from No 0.2 to No 6
  • Unpolished and polished
  • Twisted 1,2,3,4,5 ply
  • In balls or on bobbins

Only the best quality of European and Eastern European flax fibers it’s used to produce our yarn.

Wet spun linen yarn

Wet spun flax yarn is used for weaving of linen fabrics used for linen garments and home textile confection. We offer good quality linen yarn made from selected European flax fiber. We can provide it bleached, natural or dyed.