Baltic Flax received a EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate

In response to consumer demands and our own values towards linen, we strongly focus on ensuring the best possible quality of our fabrics. Now, we mark another important step towards fulfilling this goal. We are proud to announce that UAB Baltic Flax received a EUROPEAN FLAX® certificate which ensures we use only premium quality European linen fabric.

Quality and traceability

EUROPEAN FLAX® is a qualitative standard, which aims to guarantee the quality and the uniqueness of European flax linen. EUROPEAN FLAX® label certifies traceability at each step of the processing – from sowing and growing flax to making the fabric to sewing the final linen tablecloth. This means that each step is thoroughly inspected, ensuring that all the parties involved in the process commit to certain criteria of quality.

With respect to the environment

Another important aspect is ensuring that the processing of flax linen is made with respect to the environment. The EUROPEAN FLAX® Charter, signed by all the Flax producers, guarantees local farming that is committed to reducing the ecological footprint through zero irrigation, zero waste, and growing GMO-free. Therefore, a process like scutching uses no chemicals whatsoever, and spinning is done mechanically to handle the fibers with care and to preserve their structure and qualities. Also, compared to similar yet more popular materials like cotton, flax is by itself a more environmentally friendly culture to grow as it requires far less water.

The remarkable qualities of linen

We are happy to receive the EUROPEAN FLAX® as it reassures our clients about the high quality of our linen fabrics and because it lets us and our clients know we stay true to our values. Having more than 30 years of experience in working with linen, we strongly appreciate this material for its natural qualities and benefits. Linen is exceptionally absorbent and highly breathable, keeps a great balance between insulation and ventilation, and even has antiallergenic properties. Thus, linen is a natural, sustainable, and wellness-promoting fabric, suitable for many purposes and safe to use close to human skin.