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About Linen Tales

Linen Tales is a Lithuania-based home linen and clothing brand born out of a love for tradition, expertise in working with linen, and a desire to reimagine this fabric in a modern home. 

Passionate about aesthetics and linen we merged heritage techniques with modern technologies to create a home textile and clothing collections to make daily life more beautiful.

Our main objective is to create a product that brings much value to our customers. A product, that is sustainable, environment-friendly, and brings joy every season, year after year. 


Linen Tales offers a wide range of handmade linen products. From linen and hemp bedding, table, kitchen, and living room linen in lovely colors and prints to soft bath linen and irresistibly comfortable linen sleepwear and loungewear. 

In addition to that, we have two special collections. The first one is a thoughtfully designed linen clothing and home textile collection for the little ones. And a Linen Tales Closet sustainable clothing collection for him and her which is updated every season with new colors and designs.

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