Bathroom Linen

If what you are looking for is to create or expand your bathroom collection – our finest linen fabrics and bathroom linens are the best options for you. Linen fabric has superb water absorption and drying out properties, after being meticulously stonewashed, is heavenly soft to the touch. We recommend using 100% linen or linen/cotton blend for bathroom items. You can choose from plain weave or waffle weave. Woven from high-quality linen yarn these fabrics have a fine luxurious look that suits perfectly for home, hotel, or spa. Our product range includes the following items:

  • linen towels (large bath towels, beach towels, hand and face towels, guest towels)
  • bathrobes in plain and waffle linen fabrics

Bathroom linens by Baltic Flax are made from 100% European linen fabric. You can choose our stock fabrics or we can develop your custom colors for your collection only.

Additional options of embroidery, hand stamping, screen printing, monogramming, digital printing, and more are available.

Why choose linen bath accessories?

Whether it’s a daily bath routine or luxurious spa rituals, soft linen bath towels and robes will certainly elevate the experience. Here is why:

Linen is known and used for its natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Moreover, our products are made of OEKO-TEX® certified linen, which is produced without using any toxic materials. That is why linen is gentle for those with sensitive, allergenic skin or sensitivity to chemicals.

Waffle linen is especially pleasant against the skin. A special weaving technique adds much volume, softness, and a unique look to the fabric. But most importantly, the honeycomb texture gives the skin a gentle massage, stimulating better blood circulation and providing a pleasant experience.

Linen is great at handling moisture. It quickly absorbs water so it’s enough to gently pat the skin with a towel instead of rubbing it. Also, linen dries fast, which slows down the bacteria and fungi build-up in the fabric.

Interested in Bathroom Linen?

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