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Baltic Flax

White Linen Fabrics Sample Book

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Selection of white (off-white) linen fabrics from 85 to 405 g/m2. Linen fabrics swatch book includes 18 white linen fabrics in different weights and most popular fabrics with a stonewashed finish. These fabrics are PFD (prepared for dyeing), you can print on them, dye them or use them as white.


BF34 85 g/m2
BF34-S 85 g/m2
BF37 125 g/m2
BF37-S 125 g/m2
BF2 125 g/m2
BF4 135 g/m2
BF5 150 g/m2
BF5-S 150 g/m2
BF191 150 g/m2
BF191-S 150 g/m2
BF192-OW-S 16 g/m2
BD193-OW 160 g/m2
BD193-OW-S 160 g/m2
BF43 175 g/m2
BF8 185 g/m2
BF8-S 185 g/m2
BF9 215 g/m2
BF55 245 g/m2
BF55-S 245 g/m2
BF55-MS 245 g/m2
BF12 265 g/m2
BF1-5 405 g/m2
BF16 140 g/m2
BF-W18 230 g/m2
BF-W18-S 230 g/m2
BF-W19-S 140 g/m2
BF-W19 140 g/m2

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